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rockin' kitty

YAY!!! Go team Jen!

Whew! I didn't think that I would ever get through all of those staples today. But I did it. Now I am just waiting for my Diet Pepsi that Sean went and got me. Working with a significant CAN have some advantages--SOMETIMES. mmmm Diet Pepsi... I know it's really bad for you, but I am on a diet so sue me.
I have no flippin' idea what I am going to have for dinner tonight. I was going to make curry rice last night... But NOOOOO! I had to go and eat Outback. So, maybe, just maybe I will make the rice tonight.
I finally heard from my friend who listens to Zeke. I thought he forgot about me. *sigh* Then tried to blame that shit on me! What's up with that? Oh maybe I didn't e-mail him back... Oops. I don't remember. the days just kind of all go together. But my sista and I worked our asses off today, so now I am just going to fuck off now, ok?
tomorrow I get to go to Santa Ana. I swear I hate that place now that my tweeker friend doesn't work there anymore. I haven't heard from her since she ditched me for the Fu Show. IT WAS TOTALLY HER LOSS. mmmm *remembers* lushis bass player, mmmm lushis drummer (my other drummer), *drools* mmmm lushis guitar player... mmm *gets mop, mops up drool, puts mop away for another day* *sigh* Yeah, it was her loss. Fucker!
I am so excited about getting something in the mail other than a bill. Oh hey that reminds me... I need to go and pay car insurance. So I will be leaving soon because I still have to get the girl.
Thank y'all for making my day! You truly are the greatest and I love you.

Have a great afternoon, well, what's left of it.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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