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rockin' kitty


I am so glad to be home. I think I need to do some laundry. That will be my life's mission to stay up on laundry. I never realized how much laundry two and a half people generate, *sigh* but they do. They do. I got home and let the dog out. She wanted to sleep in the house today--lazy bitch. Now she is barking up a storm, but because she can.
I am kinduv excited... I saw two new Fu t-'s that I must get. But I think that I need to wait until payday to ask Fu for them. I am a freak for rock t-s. That is pretty much all that my wardrobe consists of.
Sean has his class tonight, so it's just the girl and I. She's watching Barney right now. *shudders* That show and Dragon Tales just makes me cringe. But she loves them, so what to do? At least it's not American Choppers or American Steal or West Coast Choppers or Great Biker Build Off. More like the GREAT BIKER FUCK OFF.
My lips are chapped still and my jaw still hurts ( I grind my teeth at night). I think I am going to make some soup tonight for dinner. Something low in fat and calories. Maybe. I just don't feel very motivated to do much though. I know I have to make Audrey a grilled cheese. Maybe I will have one and that's it. Who knows.
The total for the weight loss pool is 550 dollars!!! If I win, I will be so happy. Sean has already spent his on new wheels and monkey bars for his motorcycle. And yes, I know that they are called APE HANGERS.
I will be getting a tattoo with some of that money.
Time to give the girl a bath.

Have a great evening.


Try 2 people and 1 washer and dryer for the entire building. Or taking it all to the laundromat. Yeah.

I remember those days... I always hated doing that. I feel ya sista! I feel ya
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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