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rockin' kitty

This week was so fast!!!

What a fantastic week I had!!! Sunday I went for a ride with Larry on the quad. AND NO IT'S NOT A BRO HO THING! And we went on a motorcycle ride and I actually wasn't scared. Of course the first ride was just to the post office, but it was fun. Monday, I just kind of hung out. I don't remember exactly what I did... Oh yeah! I picked up my copy of Little Mermaid. I love that movie because it was the first movie I went to see with MY JENN. I saw Jeremy, that no dick loser who was just as controlling as Sean was. He came right up to me and asked me how I was doing. Then he tried to get me to get one of those cards to buy vidoes and stuff. I told him that I wasn't interested. Then he told me that it was free. I told him, "NO, I JUST CAME HERRE TO GET MY MOVIE. I AM NOT COMING BACK HERE."

I started my new school this week. It is going so great! I love it there. The first day, I decided that after lunch I would do my fingerwaves. I busted out six of those bad puppies like no one's business. The last one, I did in 7 minutes. State board wants you do complete a State board set in 20 minutes, so I have 5 more minutes to shave off somewhere.

I am using Mr. Reeder for my Finger waves and my State Board set. He is the perfect doll head for that.

I also bought a doll head the other day that has super long hair and she looks like MY PYXIE!!! I will have to take a picture. I named her Crystal. I have 7 doll heads now. This week a hair magazine came to the school. I got a 3 year subscription so that I can keep up on all of the new hair techniques. The floor instructor told me that I am going to make a fantastic stylist and a great shop owner!!! She even likes my hair. i am going orange and black this week for Halloween.  Then red and green for Christmas. Hey I have to keep with the seasons, you know?

I am so glad to have Audrey back.

I found out why Sean made me give his keys back... He accused me of going into his house, turning on Audrey's tv show, and going through his things, AND deleting all of his phone messages. So I told him that I didn't give a fuck what he thought, but I didn't do it and that he could believe whatever he wanted to, but I don't even go into his house when I see the dog. I just go in the back yard and see her and then leave. So he said that I could have the key back and I told him to forget about it. What a fuck nut. I am pissed that he even thought that I would do that. Oh well. Then i told him that I didn't want anything from him anymore and to have Audrey ready when I got there.

It kind of broke my heart yesterday to think that I wasn't going to see Zira as often as I was. I wish there was a way that I could take her up to Larry's, but he said he doesn't want a horse for a dog. 

Speaking of puppies... I told him that all I wanted for Christmas was a puppy. Then I told him that my tarot reading said that I was going to have a baby at the end of the year. I also told him that I wasn't going to have anymore children which is a relief because he is neutered. So I told him that my baby can be a puppy. So now I am try to decide what kind of small puppies we can get without him not liking them. I want Chihuahuas becausee I alredy have names for them... Don Salvador and Donia Lola. And I am going to knit them little scarves in the colors of the mexican flag. The only thing is that I will only get to see them every other week, unless I move up there. I wouldn't mind moving up there at all. The commute isn't THAT bad And Audrey's preschool is right on the way to my school...

My old school is still fucking with me on about my hours and my operations performed. By law they have to give those to me. But they are taking their sweet ass time about it. I have called them dozens of times. My new school has called them dozens of times. They still keep fucking with them too. Telling them that I have to pay money, write a written note and all of that bullshit. Then my dad and mom called me yesterday to tell me that I had some mail from the school over there. God I hope it's what I need. The reasons why I need them so badly is because I SHOULD be on the Junior floor already and also because they have to credit my financial aid account so that I don't owe the school a ton of money. I also need my check  so that I can pay the school the difference from what financial aid is not going to cover. The new school is more expensive than the other other school. The cool thing is about the new school is that the teach you new techeniques and hair styles as opposed to just State Board requirements. so i will be learning lots more to prepare me for real life styling.

I did my first two updos yesterday. They turned out great. Ms. G was impressed. I have just been doing my best and she really likes all of the things that I am doing. She has shown me a lot as well in the week because she has shown us a different way than what I am used to. I showed her my nails and she liked them. Some girl in class wants me to do her nails. So hopefully... I can do it.

I also need someone to come in for pedicure. I get the full credits for it and then I won't need any more. 

Yestereday I plucked 20 of my leg hairs to get my full hair removal credits and she told me that it had to be 20 different people and it had to be 20 hairs... So now I am looking for victims.

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Rancid is this week!!! Hooray!


haha!! I have a dolly named after me :) I need a haircut, I should come see you.....I dont trust other people to touch my hair.

wait....so.....they are making you pluck ONE hair off of the legs of 20 different people?? or 20 hairs each on 20 different people??

love yooooou!!
You can come see me, or I can come and see you. Whatever. I carry all of my hair and nail kits with me at all times, so what ever you may need... And right now, you will be getting hair cuts for free... Then after I am all pro and in a shop... AWWW Fuck it! You will still get them for free.

Yeah so I am off every Sunday and Monday from school, so pick a day and then you can get your stuff done.

This Sunday I am free and next Sunday night I am busy, but yeah, just come or I can come. I can also do your hair black too if you want it. Just let me know s that I can go and buy the supplies before hand.

Oh yeah One hair per one person, I think... State Board only wants one hair... I think... Or three.
I just got a pedi for Mud and Jessica's wedding, or else I would run right over there!
Does it count if you pluck arm hairs? Cause my arms are hairy enought to spare 20 hairs ;o)

Any sort of hair removal. But I think it has to be for 20 people and not the hairs...>:
well, i don't want naked arms...
too bad I don't have a mustache LOL! not really ;o)
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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