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rockin' kitty


Today I get to take Audrey for her physical. Her school wants proof that she has had one for the year. I just hope that they don't draw blood out of her arm. She will cry and I will be a mess. 

I also get to go to my parents and get my stuff from my old school--SALON SUCKA DICKCESS. I will be soooo happy once I am done with that fucked school. I mean sure it's a nice school with all of the pretty new stuff in it, but I am just digging the whole ghetto school even more!!!  It's in the heart of ghetto ass San Bernardino on 2nd and G. I dig it!!! It's like I get to visit my home town everyday!!! 

I have to find Audrey's immunization card and I think it somewhere in my car... But I am not too sure. All I know is that if I don't find it and have to get a new one, Sean will kill me.

Yesterday wee went to Larry's. Audrey likes him a lot. He took her for a ride across the street to the elementary school parking lot. on his quad. I have pics, I just need to learn how to get them onto my computer. So then I can show everyone. I also took a really great pic of Audrey and me. I need to post that as well. None of you will believe how big she is getting. She had so much fun yesterday. She climbed up Larry's dirt pile and went for three little rides on the quad and helped Larry make cookies and stuff like that. We colored.

Larry has a big pile of dirt in his front yard because during the winter it rains there and there is only dirt, so it gets to where you can't even drive through the mud, so he is making a dam so that the water doesn't flood his yard. 

When wee showed up yesterrday, Daniel (his oldest son) and Trent (Daniel's friend) were welding a mailbox. Long story, but Larry's son pissed someone off and they kept busting their mailbox. After five times of replacing mailboxes, Larry decided that he would make a super industrial one out of thick metal. That thing is indestructable. We all want to see the assholes' faces the next time they take a wack at that thing.

I got home at 10 last night and watched Mad Monster Party. Audrey woke up and started crying because it was on. For some reason it scares her, so I turned it off and we snuggled for a while. I had a weird dream about Zira getting out and me not being able to find her, so I got up and made coffee and here I am... She is still sleeping though. Today I am going to find out how to transfer those. I just figured out how to look at them and take them off of the camera yesterday. You would think that I would read the directions, but that takes way too much time and you all know how much patience I have...

I have Laundry to do today and tons of it. I also have to clean up my living room and my dining room. I just need the motivation. I would love to clean out my car. I have a ton of stuff in there and it's just from me being too lazy to take it out of the car, but it's in there and I need to get it out.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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