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rockin' kitty

Who's the fingerwave bitch???

Um that would be me!!! I busted out 32 of them mother fuckers yesterday!!! OH YEAH. I would have had at least 8 more but I had to show the other girls in the class how to do it. I don't mind showing people what to do. I really don't. I think it's cool that I know how to do stuff that they can't and I get to show them how to do something. At this rate... I should be done with my wetsets before I hit the floor. Or almost done by the time I get to the floor. You need 200 credits for wetsets before you graduate. You need like 80 hair cuts and a bunch of other stuff. You also have to have a certain amount of theory hours as well. I figured that at this rate I will graduate by May of next year. I would LOVE to take a massage therapy class after I get done with this because I love making people feel great and I also can have the potential to make a grip of dough.

Eventually I want to get into doing weddings for bridal parties. I know that you can make a grip of money there too.

It's so funny because there are a lot of girls at my school who want to transfer to Salonsuckadickcess and I tell them that that school is fuckin' jive and to stay at the school I am at because you learn way more technical stuff at the school that I am at than you do at that other school.

I feel the need to get into weaves. I heard that you can make up to 2000 dollars by just weaving in some tracks. I mean look at all of the stars... They bust fake hair all of the frickin' time.

My hair... I am taking a little survey... For Halloween, should I go just jet black or should I put in orange???

I am trying to get Larry to let us go as a pimp and a ho for our Halloween party. He asked me if he had to be the ho... I told him that I was going to be the ho. He said maybe... I think we should go as a teacher and a naughty school girl too. I have plenty of costumes that I can wear... It's just him. I could go as a porn star again... I don't know.

I am growing my hair out again. I just want my Farrah back. I don't care if it's in or not... I just want it back.

I posted some new pics... Check em out. I think I even have Larry on there... I don't know. But you get to see the before and after of Audrey's hair and what my hair looks like now.

And now it's time for me to check out what you bitches are up to... So back to reading.

Oh yeah!!! Saturday I will be doing demos in San Bernardino... So Marcia, come get a pedicure!!! I think it's from 9-2. Anyone else want to come out for something, I know the distance is great, but you can come see me and get your style on!!!


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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