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rockin' kitty

So far this year...

So far this year have you ...

1. Had more than five different serious relationships? No

2. Had your birthday? Yeah it was the worst one I had since I was seven and my mom was too sick to celebrate my birthday.

3. Been to church? Yes and the holy water didn't even catch on fire.

4. Cried yet? A whole bunch

6. Pulled an all nighter? What kind of all nighter?

7. Drank Starbucks? Hmph. I only drink Stell's

8. Went shopping? Yeah. I am a cosmo whore.

9. Been camping? no
10. Been to the beach? No and that has pissed me off. Thanks for reminding me ya bastards

11. Bought something for over $50? Um... Yeah... You haven't seen my new shears have you?

12. Met someone? I am in school... I meet all sorts of people all of the time.

13. Been out of state? Not yet.

14. Gone Snowboarding? no

15. Hugged someone? No!!! STAY AWAY YOU SAPPY FUCKERS!!!

16. Slept in someone else's bed? Who the fuck wrote this?

17. Snuck someone over? No but someone sneaks behind me every other week.

18. Snuck out of your own house? No

19. Gotten drunk? TOTALLY HAMMERED.

20. Gotten a car? ROLLIN' IN MY 64

21. Gone over your cell phone bill? Not really

22. Been called a whale? Fuck you.

23. Done something you regret? Not this year!!!


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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