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rockin' kitty


Yesterday wasn't too bad for school. I got the assignments done. Everyone was glad that I was back. I was so happy to get Audrey back. I went to Sean's to pick her up and he let me in said hi and went back into his computer room. So I went outside to see Zira and then got Audrey's stuff and Audrey together and asked him, "I guess you didn't feel like talking to me today?" He told me that he didn't know what I was talking about and he talked to me. SAYING HI AND TELLING ME THAT SHE WENT TO THE PUMPKIN PATCH WITH GRANDMA AND THEN WALKING AWAY TO THE COMPUTER ROOM IS NOT TALKING TO ME.

Audrey told me that she met her daddy's new girlfriend. I am glad that he's moving on, but he doesn't have to be a dick about it. I mean I am still nice to him about things because I know that we are going to be stuck together forever through Audrey. So I just make the most out of it.I just hope that she treats Audrey right and that Sean doesn't let his girlfriend treat her badly. I know in my heart that I would never let ANYONE treat Audrey bad. That's why I wait to introduce her to people. I mean even friends. I am really cautious about who I introduce to her.

Oh well. I guess that I know in my heart that I am trying to do right by her.

Last night we went over to my mom and dad's for a while. Audrey wanted to see her Grandma and Papa. It was nice to be over there.I talked to my mom for a while about things. I guess her knee is shot. The doctor told her that the bones are just riding on each toher. On top of that, she has a baker's cist behind her knee. He would like to operate. I told her that she should do it, if it would help her knee. She is scared. I don't blame her.

Just kind of bummed about this week and how it was. I am hoping that this weeek is better. It's halloween and I get to take Audrey trick or treating and I am going to be in school all week, so I won't get all bummed out.

The new school that I am at is harder, but I am learning more.

I hope all of you are having great weekends.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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