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rockin' kitty

Another Memoir from your evil.

I was at the Disney Store yesterday and I saw the poster for The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know all of you know what I am talking about because you are all Disney Freaks (and I love you all for it). Anyways... It reminded me of when I saw that in the theatre.

I had just started going to U of R. It was like a bunch of us just decided to go see it. SO we all piled up in cars. I think I got six in the SideKick (insert House of Pain's Jump Around now). That was one of the most fun times I had. Not the movie. I loved the movie from the first moment I saw it, but just the time period. And I even remember what I wore that day.

I see the bulletin boards for schools and I noticed that it was red ribbon week. Oh the memories I have of that too.

Miss Audrey decided that she was going to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween today. Tonight we are going to Grandma and Papa's for Trick or Treating. I am glad that I have her for Halloween this year.

I called Seah yesterday to see if he would watch her the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that I could go to darkpyxie's post TG dinner and he asked me if it was my weekend. I told him that it was, but then I told him that I got invited to go and he acted less enthused. I swear. I will watch her for him whenever he needs me to. I never mind. I just love spending time with my little girl and will whenever I can. He on the other hand is another story it seems. I am going to have her for the end of the year for him while he goes to Italy. And I don't mind one bit. It's not like I am asking for a week or anything... Just one day. Now I don't even know if I can go and I probably won't until the very last minute. I swear the only thing good out of that relationship were my kids. It's like had I known what I know now... Kind of thing. Still I wouldn't trade it.

I can't wait until THE FU show at Detroit Bar!!! I have my tickets!!! The Fu is also playing at The Viper Room in December!!! Tickets WERE 25 each... But then SCOTTFU found out and made some calls... Now they are 12. Hooray! Just Scott taking care of his fans... He is SUPER FU!!!


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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