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rockin' kitty

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Not much to update...

I haven't had my computer with me so I haven't had a chance to read all of the stuff on here...

Yesterday I had a client... He was an old man who didn't talk. He wanted a hair cut and a shampoo. The lady that was with him told me to cut his hair short because the last time they didn't cut his hair short ehough. So I went and shampooed him. He didn't tilt his head back far enough so water went EVERYWHERE... All over the floor and all over him. So I cleaned up the water, took him back to the chair and started cutting. It wasn't short enough the lady told me. So I took off more. Now it was too short. Oh and she didn't fail to mention that she went to the school that I am going to and and went to school with Ms. Silvia (my instructor, so oh great THAT made me feel even better). I don't get to do many man's cuts. Most of the time, I get women. And yes there is a huge difference between the two. Men's cuts start at 45, then to 90, then to 180. Women's start at zero and can go any where... ANYWAYS... It was too short and stuck out in the back. THEN she wanted me to trim his side burns... Ok, they weren't side burns. THEY WERE LAMB CHOPS AND THEY WERE HUGE. I am not a barber. So He was done and he was on his way out... And I was thankful that yesterday I didn't have any more clients.

Today, It's Bob and Paula's. It will be the last TG that I will have with my Aunt Lynn, so today will be kind of bittersweet. And next year... I will be spending Tg without Audrey since it will be Sean's turn.


Happy Day my dear!
Happy Thanksgiving darlin! *hugs*


why will it be your last Thanksgiving with your aunt?

Re: T-giving

She is moving to Tennessee at the first of the year.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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