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rockin' kitty

Happiness is...

Last night I needed a pair of sweats. I looked in all of the boxes that I have at my mom and dad's house and found a pair of Natalyn's sweats... Ok, she is 10. I fit in her sweats!!! Even after Thanksgiving...

I just heard on the news... Turn in your guns City of Compton!!! You can get a 50 dollar gift cert from Toys R Us in exchange for your guns with no questions axxxxed (yeah, I went there...).

I had a really cool client yesterday. She wanted a manicure. I need manicures and pedicures. She said that she wanted to have her own stylist, so I told her to start coming to me. Hopefully, she will. I would like to start building a clientelle now. I want to start doing people's hair. I was thinking of getting business cards, but I don't know what kind I want to get. Any ideas? I want something that you know, shows my rockiness.

I am going to call my artist today and see how far he is with my picture that is going in my spades. MAYBE Monday, I can go up there and he can do it. We will see.

THE BOBtm, was talking to me at THE FU show and touched my arm (I am never washing that arm again). He said, "You got a new tattoo". HE NOTICED!!! I told him that it wasn't done that I was getting a picture inside of it, but it was top secret... He laughed. And as usual, he gave me his set list... MMMMM THE BOB. Then Priscilla told him that I have a doll head that looks just like THE REEDERtm, ok, dork, but anyways... He said, "Jen needs to take a picture of her doll head!!!" so then I told him that I feathered his hair out all 70's and he looked like Richard Ramirez... He laughed and said,"Richard Ramirez is scary..." Then as we were leaving... I walked up to him and thanked him for a great show and to wish him a happy TG and he asked, "Are you going now?" WHAT HE WANTED ME TO STAY??? So I said, "Yeah we gotta split. We have school tomorrow." So then he told me to have a safe drive home and he would see me later AND HE GAVE ME A HUG!!! I wish that I wasn't so meticulous about my grooming because I would never bathe again... I love that man... LOVE HIM... Ok, no, Lust him... AND I only have 6 more days until I get to see him again...


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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