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rockin' kitty

5 more days!!!

Today makes it five more days until I get to see THE FU once again!!! I am super excited. Like I said this week is going to be ASS DRAGGING SLOW.

Today, I think I am going to take Aurey winter clothes shopping. She is good on toys and stuff. I just want her to have clothes. Her undies are getting small. It'a amazing that she grows twice a year. It's like she is a 4t right now. Next year she willb e a 5. Teey grow sooooo fast. I am going to try and hit up sales and stuff, that way I don't spend a lot of money on the clothes.

I am going to talk to my instructor on Tuesday to tell her that I would like to roll a perm everyday sot hat I can get all of those out of the way. I hate doing them and I have like 78 more to go. So I could have them done and out of the way before I graduate. I don't want to not have them. With my hours, they aren't going to transfer my units and stuff until the end of my stay at Marinello's. So I have to keep an eye on those all by myself. This is going to take discipline on my part because I hate doing them soooo much and I need to get them done. So really I have more than what I have but they aren't counting it until the end so I stress myself out for NOTHING. The same with my theory hours... But the good news is that because I am under 400, I am still at Freshman hours so I just have to keep that in mind. I am stressed over school, because April will be just around the corner and I want to graduate on time. I was thinking that I could go to school at nights the weeks that I don't have Audrey. It would put quite a damper on my social life, but it would be worth it. I ahve to wait until I have over 1000 hours to do that though. I wish that I was able to do that now so that I could get it out of the way. At 12200 hours I can pre apply for my state board exam... I will need a model, but I don't know who I can ask. I was going to ask Charles... But I don't know... Maybe Lisa b. Would like to do it. I know that MY MARCIA will not be able to do it because she has school and I don't want her to miss it. But I need someone with short, but not too short hair and long but not too long hair.

Ah the ramblings of a cosmo student... Just ignore it. People... I am just full of rambles this morning.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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