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rockin' kitty


I can't hear shit this morning. I woke up at 11am... Ex-frickin'-hausted... Had a blast at THE FU (tm) show last night. I swear they just get better and better.
Hung out with THE MATT (TM), Sean and his lovely woman Chas, Laura (THE BRAD'S girl), Nicki (Hill's Ol' Lady), and her sister. The girls all had designated drivers... So I laid low on the beer.
The Viper Room is kind of a shit hole. I mean it reminds me of Detroit Bar or Casbah. I think Alex's Bar is WAY better as far as show atmosphere. AND!!! THEY RAN OUT OF NEWCASTLE LAST NIGHT...
I swear I am going to throw hair products at Hill the next show. He is either using too much, or he is using the wrong kind. I mean THE BOB (tm) has that Super Skinny look going on. It's still Shaggy as fuck, but he keeps it nicely maintained. Well, I think he does... THIS IS MY BAND AND I WOULD BE HONEST WITH YOU IF THEY HAD BAD HAIR.
The show was fantastic!!! I was right in front as usual. This one chick was all whinning about THE MATT (tm) getting front of her. She asked me if that was my man... I told her that I wished, but no. So then she asked me if he was going to stand by me... So I told her of course he was!!! I think he let her try to squeeze in between the two of us, but some how, it just didn't work out for her.
I met some really really great fans. One was from Japan and actually saw THE FU in JAPAN. The other one was from Gerrmany and actually saw THE FU in GERMANY!!!
I was going to see The Melvins tonight with Sean, Chas, and THE MATT (tm), but they are sold out. No worries, they tour all of the time, so I know that I will get to see them eventually.
After the show, THE MATT(tm) and I were sitting in a booth talking... All of a sudden, THE BOB (tm) came and sat next to me!!! *gasp* We talked for a while about what music we have on our iPods. He mentioned that he had some stuff on there that I would be shocked if I knew he even had that... I told him that I doubt it. So then he asked me the question... WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO THAT YOU ARE ASHAMED TO ADMIT??? I told him that I USED to be ashamed to admit to Barry Mannilow, but I love him. He said, "Well, I don't have him on my iPod... But I have Loverboy on there." LOVERBOY?!!! Ok, so I have them too on mine. And I told him that I had them and Billy Squire on my ipod... Yeah... I still love that man... I can't help it... He and THE MATT made a nice Jenwhich last night with me sitting in the middle. He also kept asking me if I was ok to drive... I told him that I only had two beers, so I was good.
All in all, what a great evening... I mean everyone of my friends who said that they were going, bailed on me at the last minute... No worries though... At those shows... I will always have some one to hang out with...


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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