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rockin' kitty

I hope I feel better...

No more burritos from that place that I get them from... They are tasty, but this morning... NO BUENO. On top of that... I just got my monthly bill--thanks for sharing, Jen. I have a headache that is not going away. And my sinuses are driving me nuts... Took sudafed.

Last night was pretty productive... I did homework. I normally do not do homework because it's all stuff that's hands on that I am learning... Last week, we worked on our progress reports. I have a lot of Theory Hours that I have to catch up on. That is why I am in a mad rush to do homework because my instructor will give me those theory hours that I need if I do my work book and definitions for the chapters... Started on Haircoloring... It's funny because for the longest time, I thought that when you colored hair you always started at the front and you just put the color on... NOOOOOO. For going lighter, you start some where else and darker some where else, then for retouches, you do this and then you do that... It's a lot of chemestry. And then you have to think about the primary color base, then the seconday, then the other one!!! Density, Porosity, texture, I mean everything... It's not just slapping color on anymore with a brush or sqeezing a bottle of color on the hair anymore... Box dyes contain metal particles... Those particles get deposited onto your hair, then if you want to bleach or go lighter, you will burn your hair... It's funny because people think that I am JUST going to school to learn how to cut hair and stuff and that it's basic and easy... IT'S NOT. It's easy for me because I love learning about it. I love doing it... But it's not easy because there's stuff that you need to know about before you do the stuff that you find easy.

I turned in a portfolio for hair cuts... Just magazine pictures of really cool and fun hair styles... I don't have pictures of real people yet. I would love to have some though. My instructor loved mine. On all of the different parts of what I have to learn... Nails, Skin, Hair... We will be doing a portfolio. NAILS??? I am done with all of my acrylics, wraps, tips... I just have pedicures and Manicures that I have to do. I hate doing those. It's like I think to myself everyday... I AM JUST GOING TO BE STYLING HAIR... WHY IN THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO NAILS OR SKIN??? Facials... I actually like doing those. They are fun, but NAILS??? They are boring. Acrylics and the tips and the wraps are fun, but after you are done working on them, all you have to do is paint them. I don't know... I just can't see myself doing that. Make-up is fun because you can get creative with it... Maybe today I will do some make-up. I don't have many of those to do... My best bet would be to do a couple of perms though... I want to get those out of the way so that I am not worrying about them later. I need to have at the minimum of 80 of those. And I am half way through school... Well almost. I figured that I will graduate about a week later than my expected date... I will be graduating on May 5th. Hopefully I can take some night classes after the first of the year so that I can graduate the week I am supposed to. If I could do it for two weeks, then I can graduate a little ahead of when I am supposed to. April is just around the corner!!! It has gone by so fast! I get so excited for the girls who graduate.


Wow... that's awesome! Personally... when I dye my own hair, I just start from the back and work my way forward. Who'd thunk it would be so much more complicating? I should fly out and let you have fun with my hair!

*hugs* Miss ya!
Yeah... it all depends on whether you are going dark or going light... If you are covering gray or bleaching... It just all depends on that stuff.
If you are going darker... Start in the front. The hair is lighter and takes longer to process. If you are going lighter start in the back because hair is darker.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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