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rockin' kitty

Finger paints and no tears...

Audrey and I finger painted last night. I ordered pizza and wee watched tv in the bedroom. It was a nice evening. I learned something about colors... And you will probably already know this... But did you know that when you mix purple and yellow together it makes brown? The same with red and green and orange and blue? I never knew that before because I didn't take any of those art classes or chemistry or anything like that... It was just my home experiment so that I could actually understand colors better for school. It now makes perrfect sense to me... I knew about red and green cancel each other out by my own trial and error of coloring. What I didn't know about was the purple and yellow. And that's important for blondes because it depends on what kind of blonde you want to be. If you want a brassy blonde or a cool blonde. Um yeah... Or if you want a cool brown or a red brown... AND it also helps with color corrective processes...

I have a hair splinterr!!! Hair is like wood... You can get splinters from it... HMPH! I did a men's hair cut the otherr day and I am still finding little hairs IN my hands from it. GRRRRR.

Today I am going over to my parents' house so that we can get a Christmas tree and decorate it. It should be fun, I just hope that it doesn't rain...


You mean you didn't have a manditory art class in 7th grade? That is where I learned the color wheel. and those weird perspective drawings.
ok, I did have art class in the 8th grade, but all she wanted us to do was make stupid posters for Student Government and talk about nothing except orange and blue making brown... She was more concerned with Caligraphy than colors... Ok???
well, it seems your art teacher was lacking *shakes head* Mrs. McKay taught us all about the color wheel, etc.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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