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rockin' kitty

I so rock!

Yesterday I left work and decided that I would go and by some veggies for dinner. So, I went and stopped at the store closest to Audrey's sitter. I called the bank to see how much money was in the bank--not enough, so at 4:50 I hauled ass to the bank, depostied the expense check, then drove to the store. I waited in line behind some dirt bag that was just buying fucking olives! GRRR, at 5:15, I left the store. I managed to dodge the guy who was trying to get people to sign his stupid petition and went on my way back to Audrey's sitter's house. I got Audrey and the first thing she asked me for was candy. I told her no that she was going to have dinner first. She cried all the way home. Then I got a call from Sean,"Babe, my milk's gone bad and Audrey's is almost gone." I know you are asking me about why can't he go and do it himself, but he only has a provisional license until May. So, I said ok. I got milk. I came home and started laundry. Sean gave me some wine and told me to go outside because I have been running around all day. Why he was being sweet, I have no clue. ANYWAYS. I started dinner. mmmm beef curry rice... Yum. Audrey didn't eat at all and got all cranky. I told her,"Oh no, you are not going to act like. You are going to eat dinner, drink some milk, take a bath and then go to bed because I have had it!"
I know a two year old doesn't undertand that... But that's exactly what she did. I think I fell asleep at 8:30. But I handled my shit yesterday!!!
This morning, I asked Fu Manchu nicely for my two new girly tees I want. So, hopefully I can get them soon. I wrote my friend who listens to ZEKE and went on my way to work. Now I am here and I have soooo much to work on, so I will talk to all of you later.

Have a great day!!!

Oh yeah, Jenn...
I have to take Sean to school on Saturday and he has to be there at 12:30. So I will be able to do it about 1:15pm... Sorry that's the best I can do.


Drop him off earlier ;-)

Just kidding, that's fine!
Well, his class starts at 12:30, so I will be leaving my house at 11:50, that's hopefully if he wants to get there early. Drop him off then I am yours!!! *wink*
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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