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rockin' kitty


I got asked by Mrs. Silvia to join her in an advisory meeting at four. So before I could even ask her what it was for, "I would love to" came out. Then I started to think... Was it bad? So then I asked her if it was bad and she said that there will be some people from Super Cuts and JC Penny's there to talk about what they are looking for when they hire somebody fresh out of school. SO... At four I went and they were talking about all sorts of stuff like email address and voice mail messages, girls showing up with about an inch of regrowth and chipped nail polish showing up in shirts that show ALL of their business and mini skirts shwoing the junk in the trunk... I guess Super Cuts takes you fresh out of school and makes you go to their school because you have to cut THEIR WAY or color THEIR WAY... They call it advanced training. JC Penny's says they spend A LOT of time working with you about the client consultation. I got to talk a little bit to the Super Cuts' girls and one of them almost lost her eyeballs when I told her how old I was going to be.
Then after they left I shook the JC Penny's rep's hand and apologized for not getting to talk to her more. So I just told her a little bit about myself...
I have a passion for making people feel good about themselves.
I LOVE EVERYTHING there is to the Cosmetology business.
I don't know ANYWHERE else I could go and work and get to look like I do and get to talk to different people all of the time.
I have a passion for learing new techniques for hair...

SHE told me to stop by her salon and check it out!!! She also told me that I am what they are looking for and to come and fill out an application after I get my license!!!

Mrs. Silvia told her that I was one of her best students. I am always busy, I pay attention and I am dependable.

The girls from Super Cuts gave me limp hand shakes. I hate that. You can tell a lot by people's handshakes. I always thought that and I always will.

OH in OTHER Cosmo news... I got a 92% on my 1200 hour exam!!!

I have been trying out different hairstyles with crimped (yeah I said crimped) hair. They are really really cool.

Tonight I get to spend an evening with THE MATT out in Tarzana for a Pink Floyd tribute band. I heard that they are playing THE WALL in its entirety.

I got talked about all day on Thursday by some Bible thumper at school for spelling guard wrong on the chalk board... You know how I just write and I don't really think about what I am writing or anything until I look at it? Well, I noticed that I spelled it wrong and corrected it, but she still felt the need to talk shit about me. I will be soooooooo happy when I don't have to go to school anymore... I am tired of all of the crap. People get high during breaks, they talk during theory, they sit around and don't do anything all day but complain about how messed up the school is... I hate them.

Tomorrow!!! I get to spend the day with darkpyxie... I am very excited about that.
Monday I get to FINALLY register the EL CAMINO!!! Deposit my checks, pay my traffic ticket off, and clean my house.

OH AND I get Audrey back!!! Super happy.


I got talked about all day on Thursday by some Bible thumper at school for spelling guard wrong on the chalk board

Ask the bitch where she got her English undergrad, then when she looks at you blankly just smile and walk away. Losers.
The next time I am up on the board, I will ask her if I spelled everything right. Or I will volunteer her to my instructor for my spell check... That douche.

Oh yes... I am going to let some mindless killing machine from the good Ol' Army of Uncle Sam tease me about spelling... fuckin' bitches.
I think I dont get to hang out tomorrow :( I will call you on my lunch break today and talk to you.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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