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rockin' kitty

Safety First.

I am so glad that they have traffic signs out now to tell people to slow the fuck down! See there's a small hill and big trucks and cars just haul ass on the street. I won't even walk across the street. Nope, if the people (who hate me anyways because they know what I make to do what I do) want something from me, they will have to walk their happy asses over here to get me!
I am fully caffinated now and almost ready to devise an evil plan to take over the world.
I didn't sleep very well last night. I was hot then cold. Audrey wanted to cuddle all night, Sean snored, the Weezie kept trying to sleep in between my legs, and Mr. Smith kept trying to wake me up to feed him.
This morning, Sean had me get Audrey out of bed and give her a bottle and made a comment to me about changing her diaper right when she wakes up. Ok, am I missing something here? I am not the one who is off on Friday's anymore. Not that that matters because I still have to hold the weight of the world on these little shoulders. *roars*
Oh well, at least it's Friday and I am at work, so I get some Jen time. Pretty pathetic to have to go to work just to get away huh?


*raises hand* I totally understand sweetie....I hafta go to work to get away too.

*loves the jen*
*loves the crystal*
Thank you for understanding.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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