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rockin' kitty

Just bouncy!!!

The I am pissed icon is staying because MY MARCIA thinks it's fucking brilliant.

I had a wonderful evening with THE MATT last night. He made me dinner and ate by candle light(oooooh). We made a choice of not going to see Atomic Punks, but instead, we went to see Grindhouse. That movie is a blast! My favorite??? Nicolas Cage as FU MANCHU *dies*.

Then we went back to his place and drank some coffee before I trekked home. I called him when I got home at 4 this morning!!! Ah late nights with MY FAVORITE GUY... When I called him this morning, he told me that he gets nervous about me driving home so late/early. (aaaaaaaw) So he told me that from now on I can stay with him. Next weekend, we are supposed to watch movies and stuff at his house and I am going to stay (on the couch of course). And when I told him that he was totally worth the drive... "You are too" is what he said!!!

Oh and misch74, I told him, "Marcia said that I love your hair almost as much as you do..." I told him that I totally agreed with that.

My astroscope reading told me that I was going to be prosperous in three areas of my life: financial, professional, and in the love department... Maybe it's THE MATT...

All I know is that I feel wonderful around him. He makes me feel great. He's fun to be around and I can totally be myself and he is cool with that. And he loves doing what I love to do. and THAT!!! is truly awsome!!!


YAY for the right guy!! *dances*
YAY!!! And we both have M's... hee hee...
Yah! You know I like The Matt, so I'm rooting for you.

Hmm, i'm almost done with school, got a job, now I just need a man. here's hoping my crush pans out.
Thank you!!!

*crosses fingers* for THE CRUSH to pan out!!!

DETAILS next time I see you!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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