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rockin' kitty

Nothing really to update!!! So I will talk about my thoughts on yesterday...

Yesterday was weird... You know how you think something or get the feeling about someone and it turns out to be wrong? That thankfully happened to me yesterday. And it truly made my day. It really did. So I am thankful this morning knowing where I stand.

I don't know. I guess I was just feeling insecure about some stuff and some friendships and knowing where certain people are with me. I know that I am not the best friend in the world... I don't call very much and I don't visit anyone. It's not that my friends aren't on my mind. I just know that they all have lives and stuff. BUT!!! If my friends ever needed that cheerleader or the body guard or the professional ass whipper, I would be there in a heart beat. I think of my friends all of the time. All of you are on my mind all of the time!!!

I really don't know what else to say about that.

Ok... So that being said... I got the heavy out. Now it's time for the light...

My plans are simple...

Friday--I have nothing, but probably a movie at home.
Saturday--movie at THE MATT's
Sunday--hair show in Burbank--still up in the air.

Next weekend

Friday and Saturday are up in the air... Maybe a good Tart'n night in there??? *hints*
Sunday--I want to go to the Faire.

Other than that I am open to pretty much anything.

Sunday's and Monday's are currently my days off of school, so Saturday night I am free to play.

Once again thank you *all* for being my friends both on LJ and off.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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