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rockin' kitty

Fuck this day! *nods* This has been a poopy week and I am ready to take off. Plus, I am out of manilla folders and I can't make packages without those because the boss of CC's will have purple kittens and shit purple twinkies if his field package is not in manilla folders.
Ok, I have decided that Friday is getting hanged by its pinky toe (preferably the left one) and getting flogged. Yeah.
I have to go to the bank right now to get my check for my band and to make sure that we have money in the bank *sigh*. Then I am going to go home and I am going to eat Rosa Maria's to get some taquitos. Then I am going to eat and take a nap and maybe watch Napoleon Dynamite again.
Thank you all for putting up with my bullshit this week. I know it's not easy, but I appreciate it.
So I will see Jenn and Marcia at one at Oscar's so that we can eat Mexicans and then go and see TJ!!! YAY. And then you guys can see my adorable daughter!!!



Sorry your Friday sucked, and to think I gave you the friday. :-( I SUCK!!

Love you honey...Weekend Weekend Weekend

*Flashes ass at Jenn*
I will not allow my drummer to take responsibility for the fucktards at my doctor's office. It is their faults. But you will have to owe me next Friday.
Sorry your Friday sucks
mine doesn't, but I have to work Sat, Sun, and Mon :(
I miss Rosa Maria's :(

But I get to see YOU tomorrow, with Marcia, so I can't complain!
mmmm. And they have one right up the street from where I live!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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