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rockin' kitty

Lunch bitches!!!

I ate lunch today. It was about five or ten bites of salad and some chicken.
I haven't had to use my spray yet today... Oh yeah I am prepared to do it.
Let's see I went down to Santa Ana today. In fact, I followed this really really hot bald guy down there. So I just looked at the back of his head and when I passed him, it made to day to pass a hotness. So, Thanks to the hotness in the Blue Honda that I passed on the way to Santa Ana. *sigh* It made my day. It really did. *nods*
Oh and another thing!!! I am relieved that my doctor's office got me authorized to see the specialist of my choice. He knows my medical history and stuff better than anyone and with stuff like this, I would rather it be from doctors that have known me for a long time.
Ok, in 18 days The Atomic Punks bitches!!! I am really excited. Sean is happy to go because he said that it's nice to just get out.
Audrey cried this morning when I dropped her off. That still breaks my heart and ruins my day to see her get all sad.
And I didn't have enought ime this morning to update my LJ because I was making Sean lunch (you are all jealous that I made him lunch, aren't you?).
Ok, well, I am going to go outside and smoke now...


I know... I do too. :)
I had to buy my lunch. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
Yeah I am pretty devoted that way. Actually no, I am a fool. But that's besides the point.
cool! I will try to every now and then... That and flashing, but you know the gig with MY DRUMMER. *nods* But I won't do windows.
ok, I will Do windows. but just for you. And don't tell anyone that I DO windows. *shhh*
It will be our little secret.
Ok, you can tell them. Just not anyone else.
That's alright. I don't mind. But it's still a secret to the people I know. So, shhh. *puts finger on lips*
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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