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rockin' kitty

lunch ya bastards!

No one invites me to lunch anymore. *sniff* Do I smell? I mean I really thought that the girl in the office liked me. Now, I am feeling neglected. They are jealous I know because I have fantastic icons. I need more though.
The Sean ate the lunch I packed for him, but didn't eat with me when I went and got M and I a chicken salad to share. I did however get a bottle of wine--so all of you are in for some Jen luvin' tonight. Hee hee.
I was going to pull pole info, but M has to pull it too and I am the only one that has a little token to do it.
I think I need to bribe our I.T guy with some more brownies. He has seen too much. He has seen my icons with the boobies and my collection of ass. So, I need to make brownies.
I didn't get shit done last night, so I think tonight I will wash clothes.
Well, I think I need to post my lushis guitar player now... so I will look for a picture. hmmmm.


if you are ever up in Santa Barbara you can have lunch with me!!
thank you!!! That makes me feel lots better *smiles*
no problem.. now get back to using your powers for evil!!
evil and seducing people to the evil side!!!\m/
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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