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rockin' kitty

Wake up children!!!

Oh yeah I failed to mention that I got my SPEEDEALER CD yesterday!!! YAY *happy dance* mmm MY LEAD SINGER and MY OTHER DRUMMER... Some day I will make a list for you to read... So you know of at least six or seven right now... The list is at least a mile long... So I may have to post some here and there...

I got drunk last night. Funny. I think that was the first time in a long time that I actually did that. I like drinking and the fact that I got to do it alone and liked it, just solidifies my hot rocker chick status even more. Yeah it would have been better with friends. I was with friends for a while--YOU GUYS!
I had cheese pizza rolls from AMY's last night. They were good. They kind of reminded me of when my brother--the one who lets his wife beat him up-- was in preschool. He made these mini pizzas with biscuit dough and Pizza Quik sauce, and cheese. They were good.
Ok, I am going to remind myself that NO one is going to fuck with my day. NO ONE *shakes head*. How can someone be mad this early in the morning? Thrashing about and what have you...
I love waking up and making coffee, feeding the dog and the cats, and giving Audrey some milk, but I also have you guys too :).
I have no idea what he's doing this morning. NO IDEA. But I wish that he would just go to work, so that I can do my morning things! *Happy dance* I can do my things now!!!

I hope everyone has a safe ride into work or where ever they need to go this morning.



ya know, boys being pissy jerks in the morning seems to be common *nods*....quite frequently I also find myself saying "I have NO idea what he is doing, but I wish he'd just go to work already" ;)
GRRR! At least I odn't have to share an office with him anymore.
doesn't he ever take business trips? Sounds like the Gorges needs some me/mini-me time.
I know when I had certain roomies (Jenn and Krysta not included) I loved if they went out of town so that I got some totally uninterrupted me time for days.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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