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rockin' kitty


I am on lunch right now...
I really do need to work today. I am training someone to help me out on the days that I am short. I showed her my LJ and I think she will be sucked in soon. *nods*
Today is going well. I mailed off the Harley pmt, and my parking ticket, and I paid the water bill. I even got coffee this morning.
Sean has my head sets right now... Maybe I can jack M's... hmmm.
I GOT ASKED TO GO TO LUNCH!!! I can't believe it. I was in shock! I told Chelle that I couldn't being ASH WEDNESDAY and all. She's Catholic too. So, she should know better.
I am dreading pulling poll cards, but I will have to soon. That means no LJ *pouts*
I will miss you all very much when I go back to work this afternoon.
I was going to try and do a cut, but I haven't figured it out yet... So all of you are stuck reading this for right now...
I am tired, but I sleep pretty well when I have been drinking, so maybe I should keep that up.


you aren't allowed to go out to lunch on Ash (oops I almost put Ass) Wednesday? I have been a recovering catholic for so long, I don't remember such a rule.

you will be missed until you are back on!
Oh yeah,. they want you to fast on Ash Wed. and Good Fri. *sigh*
me soooo hungry
it really should be ass wednesday then

and what would help make it *Good* Friday then?

I just don't believe in the fasting, I'll go to hell and eat like a pig ;o)
I am here now, did you miss me???
cuts are like this (but without the spaces after the bracket)

< lj-cut text="what you want your cut link to say">
Thank you... I will have to try
I am training someone to help me out on the days that I am short."

Do you have tall days?

Are you kidding? My days are always short! Just like my legs... Hee hee.
I do have someone to help me grow a little ;)~ So, I won't be short anymore.
rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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