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rockin' kitty

But Daddy, are we there yet?

I would like to say that today has been halfway decent to me. I hope that it has been decent or better to you. My highlights of the day were you guys of course, getting to listen to Mary's Danish in the car (that's right I said Mary's Danish--leave me alone), getting my new Speedealer CD, ordering my tickets for the Atomic Punks, and finding out that THE ALMIGHTY ZEKE will be playing with MOTORHEAD!!! See, the story behind why I am so excited about Motorhead is that I bought tickets to go and see Motorhead with Zeke. Lemmy hurt his foot and had to cancel at the last minute. Zeke played for free! So!!! The Sean and I went down to the HOB to see Zeke. We had way too much fun--I was lickable. No, wait I was FUBAR-ed. I had 7 drinks on an empty stomach. I told Donny Paycheck (one of my drummers) to move away from the ATM machine. I don't even think I said please. I just said,"um, you are going to have to move... My friend needs to use the ATM machine). I talked to MY BASS PLAYER'S girlfriend about getting bigger boobs... She wants boobs too. But as I recall, she doesn't need bigger boobs. Her's are great as they are... I don't even think that I remember much of Zeke playing. And on the way home, I puked out of the window of my car. I fell asleep and Sean nodded off on the way home. We woke up to a red light and a Crown Vic telling us to pull off of the freeway. Sean spent the night in jail and I got dropped off at the Denny's on Dudley street in Pomona. So yeah! Any way that I can make it up to myself that I forced The Sean to go and see Zeke on his birthday (when there have been many times that he wasn't home for my birthday) and got him drunk and a dui, makes me all the happier.

I don't think that today could have gotten any better. Well, now... Maybe *winks*. SO, you all have been very good to me today, so I am gonna flash you!!!
Hope you all have a great evening and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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