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rockin' kitty

Yeah it's decided.

I don't think that I am going to do anything for V-day... I mean it's not really a big deal or anything, so I don't really care. I wanted to get my back work done, but money is tizzzight. I am broke like a joke to quote my good friend Ice Cube (oh yeah, I love him too *nods*) So no monkey bars for Sean (and yes!!! I know that they are called APE HANGERS NOT MONKEY BARS) and no back work for me.
I did wear that sweater that I bought at Target today. And what I love the most about it is... It's the double v-neck!!! So everyone can see my work if I choose to wear my hair up. mmm Maybe I will need one in black as well.
What am I going to wear to The Atomic Punks show you ask... D knows *nods*. CW knows *nods*... DUH! I am wearing what I always wear!!! Jeans and a Tee Shirt!!! Ok, but I don't wear rock tee's to shows because the shirt itself jinxes my having a good time... I wore my SUPERSUCKERS shirt the first time I went and saw Fu Manchu and had a really really shitty time. It's kinduv like voodoo involving chicken bones and sacrificing virgins (and I don't know any of those except for my dog and my Daughter and God help the person or people who fucks with them--they would have their nuts or ovaries handed to them on a silver platter)... So maybe the black sweater that I am planning on buying.
I am tired right now and trying to recover... So I will talk to you later.

Misch74 and CW, If you get this... The time is 6:30 instead of 6 because Sean needs to change and stuff. I will call.


got it...call me
We have dinner reservations at 6:30. Will call both of you to let you know.
*bounces around*

CW invited me tonight... I'll see you around 8 PM! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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