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rockin' kitty

Weekend update by yours truly...

Sean and I had some time with MY LOVED ONES... He hasn't had enough time to love you guys yet... but I KNOW that give him time and he will... Maybe not the same reasons why I love you guys... but you never know.
Had time with Jenn, MY DRUMMER, and Marcia!!! And I got the meet MEL!!! That was sooooo fantastic!!! I feel bad because I was in the cold med zone and was like and old lady--sorry guys! I promise that next time I will be more chipper... And the beer didn't help either.
I didn't get much sleep last night because Audrey didn't want to go to bed. Then I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn this morning...
And Yes!!! I totally am down with MEL for going with her to get a tattoo! Hell, I may even get another one... I can never have enough of those... I am still thinking about the astrological signs... Maybe do them across the lower part or middle part of my back... Just the girls'.
Well, Mini-me has shut the door to the computer room and is doing whatever she feels like in the other room, and the dog has just let herself in so I am running off now.


*sigh* so jealous...so many of my favorite peoples were all in ONE place!! ;)

(and isnt MEL fan-fucking-tastic?!?!? I <3 her!!)
It's ALL PYXIE LOVE ALL THE TIME up in here! *kiss*
Mel is The bestestest!!! *nods*
We are going to get inked together. I get to hold her hand and she will get to talk to me :) cause I am a little toughy.
next time... You will come... Next time.
Heh, I gave you a drumstick. NO ONE ELSE has one of those.
I like wings much better. Could you pass me the b-b-q sauce?
I know, not even me *sniff*
Just the memory of a scruffy kiss on the cheek ;o)
You got a scruffy kiss? *turns green with envy*
I love my drumstick!!! Wooo HOOO!!!
Oh, sweetheart! It was SUCH a pleasure to finally meet you! Never EVER apologize for not feeling well, just get better. You RAWK! And it was great to meet Sean, as well.

I can't stop thinking about INK! lol demmit.

See you in two weeks. WEEEEEEEEE! Love love love!
two weeks!
INK INK INK!!! :)~
And I will be lots better so we can RAWK!
had a blast
nice to meet THE Sean
I hit the wall too, so don't feel badly

ooo, I want a tatoo, too. Need someone who can see my lower back to go with me!
And I am always happy to do that. Let me know. Group tats!!! Group tats...
group tats would totally rule!

I just need to figure out how much $$ mine would be and save it in my piggy bank.
At Empire it's a min. of 50 and then they go by the hour--100. I am going to have to save for the back piece.

Mine would be pretty small, I don't think it would take very long

rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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