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rockin' kitty

I am tha lazy beeeeeyaaaaach today!

I feel a little bit better right now. Still kind of stuffy. Mini-me is taking a nap right now. I think The Sean is studying. BTW, he thought everyone was really cool last night and enjoyed talking to Marcia. The Moose is snoring. I am trying to do laundry right now... I am just not feelin' it. You know?
I am still in jammies, free-boobin' it, no make-up and my hair is all fucked right now. I don't care though. I am being the lazy bitch. I do have to go to Stell's and buy some coffee and to the store... But I can't remember *light bulb pops on in drowsy head* Oh yeah to buy real eggs so that I can make brownies for tonight. mmmm brownies. I am gonna have some chocolate love up in here! mmmm
I am making spaghetti tonight with a mushroom sauce (home made cause jen and Sean don't like jar stuff). And we are having wine.
Must go dry clothes
must fight temptation to stay here all day...
I should probably shower and shave so that I can be clean and smooth.


mmmm. chocolate love.
mmmm. jen love.
mmmm. love.

I would vote for you being lazy ALL day, and staying there....except for the lack of eggs for brownies. cause ya know.....you NEEEEEED chocolate *nods*
he best think we are all cool! ;o)

mmmm, brownies!
When I see you for coffee this weekend, I will bring you some.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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