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rockin' kitty


God I didn't think he would ever leave this morning!!! He asked me about LJ (uh oh) and asked me if people actually wrote like stuff on here... I told him that I guessed so, I mean I have no desire to write anything like stories or poetry on here... I think he wants to be sucked in, but THANKFULLY!!! The Sean(tm) doesn't have time to mess around like I do.
I mean he knows that I am usually up to no good. Which is why I can't go anywhere without him. He knows the evil powers I have over people *nods*.
Oh yeah! I am the bad wife today... I didn't make lunch for him and HE made dinner last night because I was playing with LJ.


wow....you mean he had to do something HIMSELF?? gee.....how terrible for him. he married you, dont you know that makes you his mommy, cook, housekeeper, laundromat, secretary, doctor, AND sex slave. grrrr....lemme know if you want me to kick him in the knees!!!

I know shit!
You would think that the mounds of fine frozen vegetarian quisine would be enough! At least i get SOME out of this!
*kicks THE SEAN (tm) in his knees*
How ya like me now, bitch?
he made dinner! whoa!

Tell him he is allowed to get sucked into the LJ when and only when he buys his own computer. I will not have him lessening the time I get of my Evil!
Yeah but he only made dinner out of fear that I wouldn't make dinner. How was I supposed to know that he wanted to eat right then!!! And I didn't know that someone tattooed Wilma flinstone on my ass!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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