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rockin' kitty

I am still tyring to figure out what really happened after lunch. I am so confused. I was walking inside and chelle dropped her tea all over the floor. so then i go to the potty to get towels and she rushes in and pees right in front of me... I think we bonded. Does peeing in front of your friends make you bond that much more... I mean I have known Jenn for almost 20 years--ALMOST. And I have never shared a potty moment with her. And we bond. I guess it's different types of friendships. Like farting and picking your nose and stuff. It's the comfort level I guess she felt. I don't know and I don't want to know. I need more coffee maybe that will clear things up for me...


Don't even say we've known each other 20 years. That hurts my feelings ;-)

And I draw the line at peeing in front of people. I love you and all, but I don't pee in front of DAN!
*nods* Those open-door policy freaks can just Shut. The. Fucking. Door.

all this peeing talk makes me hafta go. *runs for the bathroom*
I am sorry.
I have an almost two year old and she's really into opening doors and yelling,"where's mommy?" while you are peeing. She's good at flushing though.

I knew I should have run faster for the bathroom! lol
You know I was gonna have to say something ;o)

When I lived with Jenn, she got all "Um, you are in your underwear" at 2am when I was on my way back from the potty to my room.

We bond with Jenn over everything but potty, never potty. :) tee-hee, potty!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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