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rockin' kitty

So glad to be home...

Mini me and I had dinner because all the way home she kept saying,"Mommy, I hunry. I hunry. I hunry..." So we had left over spaghetti. It's nice to not have to cook on the nights that The Sean(tm) has class. I was going to open up a bottle of wine... But the last time I did that, The Sean(tm) came home and acted grumpy because I playing on my LJ and with you... He's just jealous because I have been chatting on line with babes all day. Besides you know I am training to become a cage fighter.
And I could have a glass of wine... But then I would want two, then three. I love my wine. *nods*. And then I would turn into the beast. And I would start telling you all how much I love you guys. And then I would write my friend Jerry a three message long thing on my runboard telling him how much I love him... Yeah I did that. He liked it though. And then I would probably threaten all of you with a good chest lickin'!
Yeah, ok, game plan: I am going to give Mini me a bath... Then I will start drinking. And by then, I shouldn't even be any where near my LJ...


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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