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rockin' kitty


First off, my coffee is cold. And the reason why it's cold is??? Because The Sean(tm) in his Royal Seaness asked me to make him lunch today. Do I look like June Cleaver? Did I wake up stuck in a 50's sitcom? Since when did my name change to Donna Reed or Mrs. C?
While I was packing his lunch he told me that if I was going to pack him cup of noodles, that he would need a fork--yes! thank you!!! Then, he told me that he didn't want three juices, he wanted more soda. Ok, we don't have any more soda. I buy two twelve packs of soda every week and I don't drink any of them. Then he asked me about the fake lunch meat we had in the freezer... I was making him some... All this time he was watching over me.
And then Mini me woke up... He went and got her, but you would think the whole time he was inspecting his lunch that he would make her some warm milk in a bottle and turn on Oswald for her??? No! Instead I had to do that. Then I had to feed the dog!
Tomorrow, I am not doing it. I won't do it. I refuse. My coffee is cold dammit! And I didn't get to do a proper LJ update...

Oh!!! I did watch Law and Order with guest star!!! Chris Noth *sigh*. And then I watched House with three minutes of Robert Sean Leonard *double sigh*

Gotta get ready now.


boys...who needs 'em?
(oh wait, I do...damn)

yeah!! dont do anything for him tomorrow till you drink your coffee *nods*...and no, no you look NOTHING like june cleaver. *shakes head*
and on top of it all, he didn't get out of bed until 6 which made me late with my morning routine! I had cold coffee before I knew it because I was being good wife. *sighs* Oh the sacrifices we make for our men... And then!!! I didn't go and get to see The Chad at Stell this morning (my hawt ass coffee guy with Dreads who puts in just the right amount of ice cubes in my coffee so that I don't burn my tongue and he's a Fu Manchu fan!!!)
does THE sean wipe his own bottom?
*gives mom finger*

my poor evil and her cold coffee! I hate cold coffee, I hate ruined routines!

But my dad did let Tivo capture House, so I get to watch it tomorrow ;)
Sometimes... but only on Tuesday's. The rest of the time, I have to do it.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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