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rockin' kitty


It's raining!!! This is the BEST luvin' weather. *nods* I love it when it rains. You can hear it outside fall on the ground. It makes you lazy and you want to cuddle. *sigh* 45 minutes of this hell hole and I am going home! Hooray!!! This weather makes you want to get out of your clothes, sip hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a blankie and read books on serial killers while watching the Exorcist on a wide screen! Well, what did you expect? I am evil! *snerk*
I am going to light a fire when I get home--it's ok because CW says that you can play with matches after you are five.*nods*
I miss MY STALKER and MY JENN... I hope that they come back to me soon...


And you've passed the 5-year-old mark, so burn away!

Next week...
I miss you... I know you are sick... But I miss you. *pouts*
Awww, I miss you too! And I'm feeling better :)
good I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. You need to get plenty of rest for next week!!! *nods*
You need to keep that rain wanting business to yourself missy!

My windsheild wipers are still broke so I have to pray I don't have a problem when it rains! LA drivers suck donkey nuts when it rains too.

;P No rain. Bleech to rain!
Ok, no rain for you... If you say no rain... I will make it stop using my evil powers...
*sniffle* thats the same way I feel about the rain

*looks outside* and someone sent some HERE too!!! yay :)
I knew we were meant for each other.*nods*
not a fan of the rain, unless I am able to get in my comfies, curl up with some hot chocolate/hot tea and a good book and my TV, then I like rain.
No, I don't want to be IN the rain... Just inside like you. :)
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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