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rockin' kitty

It's fucking cold!!!

I am freezing this morning.
Mini Me wanted to talk to me all night so I am tired.
We are stuck with the rain at least three more days.
And I have to clean all day because my sister is going to watch Mini Me on Friday night and The Sean(tm) has finally had enough...So he is going to help...
He helped me with the Laundry last night--hooray! He even hung my clothes up.
I talked to my mom last night. And I know that she's worried, but she was strong. Told me that I was tough and I can handle this.
I forgot to get milk yesterday...So, after Church I have to go and buy milk. I am also going to get more coffee and then!!! wood for the fire.
I am sorry MY MARCIA that I will not be able to get coffee with you today because I have to actually clean my house...
Maybe Next Sunday?


Aw, shucks!
And I was so looking forward to seeing MY Jen
I guess I understand the house cleaning thing, kind of ;o)

I am off next Sunday, so it should be doable. :)
I was really looking forward to it too, but I am so busy trying to clean my house so that I can play on Friday. I sorry MY MARCIA... I sorry.
I forgive, because I love :)

I just made some yummy coffee at home.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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