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rockin' kitty

All I know is...

I pitty the fool who fucks with my bathroom. I just spent the last hour (oh yeah, it was THAT dirty) cleaning my bathroom and if anyone fucks it up, I will start the new world order right then and there. There won't even be time to take names... I will just be whippin' ass. *points mom finger*

The Sean(tm) made up homemade blueberry pancakes that were out of this world. I made our vegetarian breakfast sausage patties. mmmm I forget how good they taste because I only eat them during this time of the year.

Tonight I making vegetarian Curry rice with mushrooms and artichoke hearts. mmmm And AND!!! BROWNIES FOR DESSERT, BITCHES!

ok, so yeah! It's less than a week away!!! I am getting super excited about going and seeing everyone and eating a great meal at the HOB and BLACKBERRY MARGARITAS!!! Yes, CW, YOU will have to have one with me... Cause they are super yummy!

well, The Sean (tm) has informed me that it's time to go and smoke... So see ya bitches later!


"Brownies?", she said, drooling.
Yeah... I should find out when and where you work, then maybe I can drop some of them off to you...
you know, the hospital
4th floor, take a right of the elevators to TCU 4400
I work nights 3-11, tonight, Th, and Fri

rockin' kitty

June 2007

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