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cute as a doll

It's Tuesday! 3 More days!!!

Yeah, in about three more days I get to rock the fuck out of MY DRUMMER, see MY JENN, see MY PYXIE, AND!!! *bounces* see MY STALKER!!! Oh yeah... I am going to rock the fuck out of some black berry margaritas too.

Yesterday day evening... I went to the store to get my basil for the Spaghetti, then I went and bought cigarettes at Paul's (because he advice you to be safe)... As I pulled into the parking lot I saw James. A face I hadn't seen in about three going on four years. We had been best friends for almost ten years and he dumped me for a boyfriend that I didn't like. The boyfriend turned out to be whites above and below--SURPRISE!!! But after he dumped me, we went to lunch and he told me,"I thought you would have learned your lesson when your daughter died!" Uh yeah he did. And I severed all ties with him. It was nice seeing him... And I watned to tell him that we still have all the same numbers and stuff. but didn't... I don't know... Should you try to forgive someone for telling you that you deserve to have a child die on you? I mean it is Lent and all... And I already gave a homeless person money last week.

*gets side tracked* What in the world is he doing? I made his lunch lastnight with love dammit!!! Does he have inspect EVERYTHING I do? That's it!!! *throws hands up* Tonight he can make his own lunch! NAME ME ONE WOMAN WHO IS MY AGE WHO STILL PACKS HER HUSBAND LUNCH!!! Shit! Then he asked me if I was going to work today... UM, why wouldn't I? It's almost 6:30... He should be at work right now... Leave Dammit *kicks hubby's ass out the door*!!!

I get my hair done today!!! hooray! And no, I am not going lighter... I am going to tell him that I want to stay red.



Maybe I'm a leeetle biased...
Playing the part of "Your Drummer" will be...


you are MY DRUMMER!!!

heee heee
You are so in trouble this Friday!!!
I quit talking to a friend for a year because she called me a liar (not true!)
if someone told me that my baby deserved to die?!?!?! I kind of have a feeling I would go postal
I air smack him for My Gorges!

Ok, I was just seeing if I was the only one who felt like smacking a bitch...
Smack away! Want a 2 by 4?
*takes 2x4 from ccrab*
*smack mother fucker!!!*
Thank you... That feels a lot better!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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