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cute as a doll

ok don't laugh...

I am 32 years old... And thunder still scares the fuck out of me.


I sooooo scared... It's spooky outside... *shivers*
you can come and hide in my bed with me!!
Can I? It's scary outside. I hope I don't lose power at my house... I am afraid of my house when it's dark...
damn it !!
I'm replyign to the wrong reply!!
I love the dark but a power outtage is a different thing.
if you need to chat I'll be online.. heck you can even call me and i'll mock you chat with you!!
Oh no... too many scary movies...
Wait!!! I don't have your number or anything like that...
9095341466-cell call anytime.. now no heavy breathing..
You number is a 909?
yepp.. from my 909 days
there you go
Thank you... I may just call you... I am all alone tonight. and I will try not to breathe heavily...
it's cool either way...
k, you wannna know the funny?
Thunder scares the shit out of me too.
Ask Jenn, she used to have to call me from Danny's when she left me at the apartment alone and it thundered at night. She knew that me and the cat would be hiding under the blankets.
Thunder scares the fuck out of me... I feel like a big baby, but I don't care...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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