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rockin' kitty

But really it's not my fault!!!

I can't print right now. This is super shitty. I got here this morning after I dropped off the chocolate love for MY MARCIA... I hope she enjoys them.
Then my boss comes in after me hearing P tell him that,"I gave her a list of pole cards to pull and she still hasn't done it." Honk honk... *gets run over by huge bus* *picks self up*. P is famous for that. Sniveling little whiney bastard. So, I informed my boss,"ok, when the printer wants to print it prints. When it doesn't print, I call CM (MY I.T. GUY). He comes over and there's nothing he can do since it's not us. It's THEM!!!" Ok, instead of being a boss and walking around smoking and shit... Why don't you actually take care of it?
*kicks desk*
better yet...
*kicks P in the nuts* IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT... YOU CAN SUCK IT!
So I did get something done this morning. Pole cards. Now CM has gone to lunch so I have to wait again for him to come back to me. I promised him brownies in exchange for his silence. He has knowledge of my LJ, so it's like paying tribute to a mob boss or something.


*kisses the hand of the mob boss* I wont be the first to break the peace.....but if anything should happen to MY jen.....just know that CM will be sleepin wit da fishes ;)
I agree with the Pyxie on this one.
CM may be a mob boss at work, but he best not cross your *family* or we will break his knee caps and give him cement boots!
And dat's dat! We will hafta go to tha matresses. It's good. Gets rid of all tha bad blood...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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