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rockin' kitty

Hello dammit!

Um I am on the phone!!! Hello!!! Can you let me order my cheese fucking pizza? *shakes head* Idiots! GRRRR. As if you are THAT busy. 20-25 minutes!!! Hooray!


Last time I ordered a pizza it was like going through custons, before I connected this voice said my call may be monitored and they asked me what I wanted and where I lived about 3 times. Now I don't bother, it's easier to cook for myself (and better!) than to go through that again.
oh, yes....and making PIZZA for yourself is even better than just cooking for yourself *nods*

I make the BEST chicken alfredo pizza in the whole world!! *nods*
You will have to make that for me one day. That is... When I can eat meat again...
We used to go to Jersey's which had the best pizza in town, But the guy who said that about my first child dying works there. So we banned Jersey's. Now we go to Giovanni's and it's WWAY better than PIZZA SLUT, but sometimes you have to wait.
Giovanni's? is that on San Mateo?

What isn't better than Pizza slut, other than dominos *gack*
I hate that whole corporate Pizza thing just as much as the corporate coffee thing. And it's like crack! People are running around all crazy like for shitty coffee and shitty pizza.
Yeah I can't get a good local either of those anymore, I had to learn to cook and boil water, can you believe that? ok there is one place left in this part of town with decent pizza and one with decent coffee but they are still too far to walk to in winter and still kind of expensive.

It's 1AM and I want to go grind beans now... but I won't... but I *will* go smell them and put them away again.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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