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cute as a doll

*shivers* cuddles needed this morning...

It's thundering again!!! WTF? I thought it was supposed to stop that!
One more day!!! One more day...

I got busted big time this morning... *nods* A verbal spanking from The Sean(tm) about my time on lj and how it is spent...*sniff* He kinduv didn't appreciate the fact that I bitched about making his lunch. He said and I quote,"Oh no, I am a big boy now... Besides, you don't have Wilma Flinstone tattooed on your forehead..." Well, it's true! I don't have Wilma Flinstone tattooed on my forehead! So, poutingly, he made his lunch all by himself...

*sigh* I can't win! *throws hands in the air* I give up!

I went and got coffee this morning... so I can get even more caffinated!!! Woo HOO!

today I put on my Fu Manchu Tank top and the A and the N got all stretched out... That was a great feeling to know that my boobs were actually big enough to stretch something out!!! Hooray!

Tomorrow, I have to work a little bit, then I am going and buying that black sweater that I want for tomorrow night. And I have to remind myself not to put my hair up... MY DRUMMER wants it down.


I got a new shirt with "Where the Wild things are" on it. Y'know the childrens book? Funnily enough though, it says it right across my chest LOL! It would be even better if I had large boobs instead of just boobies.
I love that!!! That is rad. You are perfect just the way you are... You would funny with big ol boobies anyways.
Oooo, tomorrow, remember to give MY drummer extra spanking for me ;o) since I won't see him until Saturday
so if I have to spank him twice... Then that would be 70 spankings all together... God my hand is going to be sore...
switch off with your hands

see, now I'm thinkin'
That's a superb idea!!! Superbulous even!
and then you can get him for me too on Saturday!!!
His ass is going to be sooooo sore, I hope that he can't sit down for a week!!!
Hey I rock a FU shirt pretty well!!!
thats what filters are for baby.....so no one can read your ranting except for people you list as friends. its what I do :) *lick*

love you honey!!!!
Oh no, He was reading behind me... I didn't know. *shakes head* I got busted. He doesn't want to play on LJ. And he has NO idea what my password is... He's too busy being Phucphathoes on this war game he plays...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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