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rockin' kitty

Ya frickin' teasers!!!

So I get this e-mail from Ticket Master telling me about Velvet Revolver... I get all excited because I really want to see them. mmmm 3/5ths of that band are MINE... MY BASS PLAYER, MY GUITAR PLAYER, AND ANOTHER ONE OF FIVE OF MY DRUMMERS... But they are playing in Santa Barbara and Fresno... *shakes head* *whines* It's just not fair! I know the Fun Police won't let me go up there... And who knows when they are playing in L.A.! JINKY JIVE ASS TURKEYS!!!
Oh well, I ordered my Motorhead/COC/ZEKE/FOZZY tickets last night!!! So VELVET REVOLVER CAN SUCK IT!!! And at the Motorhead show I will get to finally meet my friend Jerry, and He will finally get to see Motorhead and Zeke (because he's not 21 yet, he couldn't get into their shows--poor guy). And I hope that MY DRUMMER READS THIS AND KNOWS THAT I AM GOING TO THE ONE IN ANAHEIM... So that I can behold the lushisness of MY BASS PLAYER and MY GUITAR PLAYER and I am going to make them wish that they left their bitches at home!

Oh hey!!! I gotta tell Steph at Technicolour today about the Fu show on Thursday and the Zeke show on Ap.2nd... Oh yeah and The Sean(tm) is getting his hair cut today at two, so I have to do that before we pick up MINI ME and I get to take a nap... I chomp diet pills with coffee chasers, but WE are still paying from the results of that night...;)
Less than 12 hours!!! LESS THAN 12 HOURS and I get to see MY JENN, MY DRUMMER, MY PYXIE, MY---, AND MY STALKER!!! I don't even think that I will be able to concentrate today!!!

Oh yeah!!! Chelle asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to the Outback for lunch yesterday. After I called her the c-word for even mentioning that restaurant to me right now, I threw my chrome stapler at her and told her to leave my office!!!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!! I get to have Coffee with MY MARCIA who has no doubt been enjoying my chocolate love all week long... And hopefully, we will get to see OUR CHAD(TM). mmmm The Chad(tm)... *brings out mop again*

I should really finish getting ready...



that is all.

That is ALL!
i just wanted to show you my ass, but it wouldn't just let me post the icon.
*grabs mop*
I am glad you did...
here are some boobies to get you through the morning...
*mopping up*
oh yes, OUR Chad

Have too much fun tonight and some extra for me ;o)
That coffee serving piece of lushisness...
*gets mop*
I promise that I will be all rested for you on Sunday... So that I will have some fun left!

The Bastard Speaks: Set your Phasers to Par-tay!

It has been a hell of a week...and since I am not driving, I plan on getting smashed at the Happiest Place on Earth (a fitting end considering I work for The Rat.)

So, place you bets when the trousers come off and the brawls begin...

-The Magnificent Bastard
Prophet for the New Apocalypse

Re: The Bastard Speaks: Set your Phasers to Par-tay!

I will be limiting myself this evening to one drink. MAYBE TWO.MAYBE. I have to drive. But I am a lightweight... so...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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