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rockin' kitty

Yick!!! I hate working Friday's!!!

Friday's at work suck ass out loud!
I can't even work right now... I am too excited about tonight!
The Sean (tm) came up with an interesting proposition to the whole VELVET REVOLVER thing... If it's after he gets his license back, he said,"Well, if it's on a weekend, we can leave MINI ME with one set of grandparents, have Meagan or Uncle Heffay keep and eye on the moose, and we could RIDE up there!!!" WE COULD RIDE UP THERE!!!*squeels* A road trip on the Harley!!! Woo hoo! And we could see the sights as well! How rad would that be??? TFR!!! I love to ride! The wind in face, going about 80, my braids slapping my back!!! Oh yeah!
There's a NOMAD in the Father Joe's car bin *drools*... I need a muscle car... *nods*. There WAS a 70 El Camino in there too.*le purr*... I really want an El Camino--Orange with the black stripes down the middle of it... "Say You still cruisin' into Houston tomorrow to get them Aerosmith tickets?" "OOOOOHHHH you damn right!!!"


points for The Sean(tm) on that one, for making MY Gorges happy!
I know!!! I was shocked that he even said that!!! Duff McKaggen... mmmm Matt Sorum... mmmm
I have heard about Matt Sorum...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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