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rockin' kitty

They caught a serial killer!!!

They caught a serial killer!!! New book!!! New book!!! Then I will be paranoid for a week locking every single door in the house and stuff... You wanna know about? Check the news. But I will say this... He had been doing it for like almost thirty years!!! And it was in the MIDWEST.
Ok, I need to know something... Why are there more serial killers from the Mid West, than there are out here? Is it inbreeding? I mean comparitively speaking, there haven't been nearly the same amount of serial killers out here. I mean... No. He wasn't even a serial killer, so never mind...
That reminds me... I need to find THE MUSEUM OF DEATH!!! I have been there before, but they moved since then... Or is it even still going? hmmmmm


Inbreeding? In the Midwest? Ummm, this Midwestern girl wonders what the HELL the hot chick from the 909 is talking about. Hmmm. Doesn't compute. 'Cuz I KNOW she's not talking about MY midwest... can't be happening.

P.S. I don't get hangovers. =P
Um bite me with your no hang overs, ok?
Uh no, I live in Redlands... It's not Yucaipa or Beaumont or Mentone...

*loves and hugs her Jen and runs away*

You might laugh more if you knew how much I giggled and turned to Jenn when I replied, and said "OHHHHH! Evil Jen did NOT just go there!"

Maybe they have too much time on their hands? I mean, what do you do in the midwest? There is no Disneyland.
No Disneyland... That's what it is...
That and no running water during the winter months.
ooooh!!! *I* will soooooo go to the museum of death with you!!! I thought it was down my way for some reason. I know some of my friends have been...there was this whole thing in high school with everyone saying I would love it and they had to take me.....and no one ever did. I didnt think it was real!!!

lets go *bounces*

there was a torture exhibit I missed at the museums down here a few years ago *sigh*....everyone said THAT was disturbing too.
I actually went to The Museum of Death when it was in San Diego... CRIME SCENE PHOTOS!!!
It was really cool. Yeah, if it ever comes up again... We will be there!!!

The Bastard Speaks: For whom the bell tolls...

eekbats and I are actually on the Board of Donors to the Museum of Death due to our large contribution we mad to them back when there were in Ivar in Hollywood. Unfortuneately, they had issues with the landlords (go figure) and were forced out. They have not reopened as of yet, but as soon as they do I shall relate it to the masses.

-The Magnificent Bastard
Prophet for the New Apocalypse

Re: The Bastard Speaks: For whom the bell tolls...

PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE do!!! Pyxie and I want to go really badly!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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