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rockin' kitty

and now I would like to thank...

OH misch74:

THE CHAD for being so lushis this morning... *drools* He had on this brown striped Old School OP shirt and he wore his dreads up. I swear he was looking beautiful just for me *nods*. I invited him to the FREE FU MANCHU show this Thursday, but he can't make it. He has to work *pouts*.
"Hey Chad, there's a free show for VANS this Thursday!!!"
"Who's playing?"
"UM---FU MANCHU!!! So what are you doing?"
"Wurkin' that night"
That's Fucking JIVE!!! And that's all I gotta say about that!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the FUCKNUTS who were driving 65 in front of me on the way into work this morning... IF YOU ARE GOING TO DRIVE THAT FUCKING SLOW AND I AM BEHIND YOU--GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! SOME OF US ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE AT WORK SOMETIME THIS DECADE BITCHES!!! Otherwise, while I pass you, I will smile and show you my favorite finger. I drive fast. I like to drive fast. It feels good to drive fast. And getting to work in ten minutes instead of thirty minutes is a whole lot more fun than snoozin' at 65.

The Sean(tm) is at home dying today. I swear! When he gets sick, he is dying. Oh when I am sick? I still have to do all those domestic engineering things, still take care of MINI ME, and still take care of The Sean(tm).

It is beautiful outside this morning. I don't even have to have my jacket on this morning.

Yesterday, I went to look for a little black cardigan to go with my FU tank... I haven't found one yet that I like. But I think today I am going to go shopping on-line and buy my little black tee from American Eagle and then Frederick's of Hollywood(uh yeah, cause I can alright?)

And in about three more days!!! I will beholding the lushisness of: MY GUITAR PLAYER, MY BASS PLAYER, MY SECOND DRUMMER, AND THE MATT *wipes chin*. mmmmm Oh yeah, can like my life get any better?

Oh yeah, the horns and tail are out today people--YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


oh, I need me some of The Chad!
I guess if I don't go to the free show with you on Thursday, you know where to find me ;o)

the only acceptable lane to drive 65 in, is the slow lane. Any other, get the hell out of MY Gorges' way!

Oooo, I saw a cute AE skirt in a magazine, I WANT!
No you need to go with me!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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