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rockin' kitty

Pizza Dammit!!!

Tonight I am getting cheese pizza for dinner.

I heard some kinduv bad news about the test that I had a couple of weeks ago so I am sorta in a funk right now.

I was kind of gearing myself up for it because I knew that it wouldn't be good. But now that it's confirmed, I just have to deal with it and go on.

Cool thing is is that The Sean(tm) and I went shopping today and I felt sassy enough to buy some mini skirts and some really cool wedges and some really cool shirts. Then he made me buy new jammies because the jammies I got for my birthday last year are way too big for me now. I have lost almost 20 pounds and I have ten more to go. But I totally feel better about rocking a mini now. *warns* If you are going to hang out with me, bring sunglasses. Yeah, the legs are THAT white.

Hopefully the drano worked on my washer I have a tee to wash so that I can wear it this weekend.

Pizza ready gotta go!!!

This weekend... The Sean(tm) is going to be sucked into what is know as LIVE JOURNAL... Please be kind to him...


*hugs* Im here if you need to vent...and just in case ya dont have my email addy its tereina@alchemyads.com *love*

bwahaha...the sean is being assimilated
Thanks I will. e-mail you about it later...
I love the icon ;)
sean was hella cool as are you
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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