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rockin' kitty

People at Petco are fucking geniouses!!!

I am making lasagne for dinner tonight, bitches!!!
I first need to stop off at the store to buy razors... Smoothness is my top priority. I forget what else I need at the store. I know it's something. Maybe wine? Do I need wine? I am puzzled now. I know I need razors. I need milk for MINI ME (I can't drink that stuff). *thinks to self* I bought puppy food yesterday...
Oh yeah!!! I didn't tell you this... Last night I went to Petco because that's where the pets go and plus they just put one by my house. So now, I don't have to drive to San Bernaghetto to get The Puppy (tm)'s food. when I went there, this lady was talking about Australian Cattle dogs to a customer. They were just shootin' the shit while I patiently waited for them to stop. The customer gave me a dirty look and said,"Oh there's someone behind you with a question..." Uh gee, I would love to hear all about how ACD's were bred from Dalmations--I think not, and wild Dingos (yeah that's one part of their breed), all night, but I have better shit to do than to stand here. So I told the employee,"I need dog food. That stuff is in my way. Move it please."
So I lifted the 40 pound bag of dog food *flexes muscles* because I am sooooo strong just like King Kong and put it in my cart. She then asked me if I needed help!
"uh no, I don't need help."
*shakes head*
Ok, so I need milk and razors... I can't think of anything else....
10 more minutes!!!


You need more wine like I need more coffee, which I am going to go make right now...
Yes it's true... I need more wine like you need more coffee. I will drink my wine with you while you drink your coffee.
Cheers! The coffee made me a tiny bit too energetic but it was too late for dancing so I had wine too! I have a glass a month, and get hammered for about 15 minutes! Bu tthat was ahlf an hour ago.
I am a total light wieght too. Most of my postings done here when I am drunk is from like two glasses of wine and stuff.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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