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rockin' kitty

But Evil's Tired...

House is going to be coming on in a little while. I swear! misch74 totally got us hooked on that show. And now we are sucking The Chip(tm) into watching it.

I had to explain something to The Chip(tm) today... It was the whole The *insert name* (tm) thing. It used to be just used for The Sean (tm), but now it's for every Hotness that I talk about here.

Let's see... There's The Chip (tm). He's a lushis bald guy that I work with. He's funny and likes to talk about sex all of the time. He is the first guy to notice when I get my hair done. He's the first guy to tell a girl int he office how nice they look. He is the ego booster in the office.

There's The Sean (tm). The lushisness of The Sean(tm) goes without saying. He's MY FIRST BASS PLAYER. He's MY HOT BIKER GUY. He's my baby's daddy *giggles*. He goes to all the FU shows with me and he actually likes them now.

There's The Chad(tm). He's the coffee serving piece of lushisness that misch74 and I behold when we get our coffee on at Stell's (the only place to get coffee in Redlands). He's got the coolest dreads I have ever seen. He also listens to FU. He wears the coolest shirts and always sings good morning to me as he dances the HONKEY SHUFFLE.

There's The Matt(tm). He is the long haired stoner guy that goes to all of the FU shows. His long flowing reddish blonde hair goes down to his ass. He is like 6'8". And he always---ALWAYS wears Slip-ONS. He bangs his head and all of that lushis hair just flows through the air...

So yeah those are The THE's(tm). Well, for now at least...

Anyone want to add to the The's Shout it loud!!!


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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