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rockin' kitty


I get to go to Santa Ana today... I am so glad because it looks like it is just going to be a rad day!!!
I dropped MINI ME off, then went to MY MARCIA's to drop of some WPFM for her listening pleasures, then went to RBP and picked up maps, then went to Stell's to drop off some WPFM for The Chad(tm), snapped a pic and got my coffee and was on my way.
Got here and was almost bombarded with the normal crap of will you do this and do that... But I am not going to let ANYONE fuck with my mood this morning.
Met the new guy that I am going to be training. The Sean (tm) is training him to do windloading this morning.
I brought my Thai food from last night for lunch so when I get back from my run, I will enjoy that.
Then on my way back from Santa Ana, I am going to go and pick up my SLIP-ONS!!!
So yeah, I think today is going to be busy...But good.

Oh and I was told yesterday that I will be learning new stuff!!! so that may mean a promotion and a raise!!! the Tech Aid 1's didn't get a raise with this contract... But the Tech Aid 2's did! So If I get that then CHA-CHING!!! That mean like a three dollar raise, plus I am still getting vehicle usage.


WOOOOOO! You go, girl!
YAY!!! Team Evil!!!

*throws pompoms in the air*
*does cartwheel*
I shouldn't do that with no undies on!!!

you're so damned cute.
Oh yes, thank you for the Fu.

I heard you bummped into The Mom when you were dropping it off? :)

Mmm, luscious Chad pic and Fu. What a day!
Yeah I liked talking to The MOM (tm)...
oooh, yay!!! you'll get the promotion...and THEN we can take over the world, k? ;)

HOPEFULLY. *crosses fingers*
Whoo Hooo!!!! We can always use more money!!!!
I hope I get a promotion...
I do too...that would really help us out when we redecorate the other bedrooms
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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