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rockin' kitty

let me ask you somethin'

Ok, so I just got back from Santa Ana--just now... Traffic wasn't too bad and I got to talk to Sam all the way down there. On my way someone, male or female was honking at me. I felt like rolling down my window and telling that person,"Look assbite, can't you see that I am on the phone?" How rude of that person, or thing or whatever.
That wasn't what I was going to ask though. Oh yeah!!! The question!
How can someone do speed and still be as big as a house? I mean there's this woman, or at least I think it's a woman, who does speed like all of the time and Shamu has NOTHING on her! And on top of it, she stinks. It's that really fat person's funk. I don't know. I don't like to smell, so I wear Chanel! Oh yeah, and bathe too.


Speed has the opposite effect on some people. I don't get it either.

Fat person's funk...LMFAO!!!
OH MY GOD BECKY!!! You would have to peel me off the ceiling fan if I tweeked!!! Oh yeah she had bad hair too.

In answer to the question: When doing Speed usualy you are on the move A LOT. If fatty fat fat's case, I'm sure they expend addtional energy eating. I know a few tweekers who are the size of barns.
Should have seen them when they kicked coke...damn
I just don't get that at all. But who knows! She totally smelled like the ass end out of a skunk fo' sho! Then she wanted to show me all of her tattoos!!! I said to myself,"Fuck, I DO have to eat SOMETIME today!!!" So I told my friend that I had to go.
ICKY! I bet she just circulated the funk! Sorry you had to experience that...and drive in this weather for it.

No more Fat Tweeker Funk for you!
Yeah! I told my friend down there that she HAD to stop talking to her. She just smelled so bad!
And that person who honked at me needs to be kicked in the knee caps just for honking at me while I was on the phone. GRRRRR.
Maybe even a hose down would help.

WORD! Honking fuckholes!
I just don't understand HOW in the fuck could someone get that fat and do speed. I just don't understand. I mean weed, yeah, I get it, but speed!!!
And then normal people bathe!
Ok, someone just tore up the men's potty!!! it's to' up from tha flo' up! fer realz!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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