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rockin' kitty


Well, it's that time again to give you the low down on the weekend's happenin's...

Friday, I worked, took The Sean(tm) to school, dropped off MINI ME, picked The Sean(tm) up from school, we went and had Sushi for lunch--yummy!.

Saturday, The Sean(tm) and I headed to the 818(or at least I think it was the 818) to spend an evening at THE BIG BLUE HOUSE. Our host and hostess were kind and made up shrimp kababs because they know that God loves us when we give up meat... It was fantastic seeing everyone. It's always cool to hang out with a bunch of people that you like and not have one person there that you don't like, you know? *nods* Because most times it's like,"oh they aren't this" or "they aren't that". Because I am just EVIL and anything else would be UN-FU. I wanted to stay later, but I was falling asleep on the couch(it's sleepy time couch), so I told The Sean(tm) that it was time to roll. The Sean(tm) drove half o the way home, then I got like a fourth wind or something and took over driving duties about from Clairemont to Redlands. Got home, got into jammies, and hit the sheets and didn't wake until 8.

Sunday, we went to MY PARENTS' house for lunch and to pick up MINI ME. She had a blast. And got to see Aunt Lynn, whose hubby is off stuck in Lebanon right now. Lunch was good. Dad BBQ'd fish. Then it was off to coffee at *inserts plug here* STELL'S. The Chad was there wurkin' and I caught him lunch break! So I got to talk to him and this guy Micah and this chick Michelle who is moving to Turkey!!! The Chad(tm) commented on my BROWN AND PINK SLIP-ON VANS and I told him about the whole rockin' slip-ons thing... HE TOLD ME AND I QUOTE:
"If you are going to rock VANS SLIP-ONS, rock 'em... They should either be worn without socks or with tube socks!!! Like OLD SCHOOL, like we used to... Y'know?"
The Chad (tm) is totally FU like that!!! He is like DOG TOWN AND BAD BRAINS ROLLED ALL UP TOGETHER, YOU KNOW?
The Chad(tm) also told me that he loved my stick figure art!!! And that he has his CD case that I drew him up on the fridge. CAN I GET A \M/???

Then MY MARCIA showed up and The Chad(tm) thanked her for the FU CD as well. And so I filled her in that I wrote that it was both of us(HEY I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I WILL TRY AN' HOOK A SISTA UP ANY OL' DAY!!!)

MY MARCIA and I got to talk about the usual stuff her and EVIL always talk about. And I invited her to go and rock out with us, but she has to wurk... Ok, next time, you will grace us with your beauty and coolness. The Sean(tm) needs hot chicks to hang out with.

So yeah my weekend was fantastic! I would love to thank eveyone who made that possible. So thanks and I hope that we can get together really soon.


you're welcome
glad to be of service *bows*
I am sosooooooo happy that we get our time together
*busts out mommy finger*

it was great seeing you too
ALWAYS!!! It is always great seeing you. I love you firelizard!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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